Bored with training? Get creative!

The best way to learn how to play soccer is simple: Play soccer! When your youth training program follows this philosophy, exercises for small groups that are based on game situations, from 1 v. 1 t...Read More

Defining tactics: the plan behind the game (Part C)

Table 1: Tactics - definitions Tactical Knowledge Knowledge, either learned or based on personal experience, of typical game situations and their possible solutions. Tactical Plan Deciding w...Read More

Defining tactics: the plan behind the game (Part B)

Defining Tactics (click here for Part A, Part C) Tactics, in soccer, are defined as "systematic action by individual players, groups and teams, on both attack and defense, aimed at successfully re...Read More

Defining tactics: the plan behind the game (Part A)

The concept of tactics in soccer (and all the terms used to describe it) clearly is complex. Is there another soccer topic that lends itself so well to arguing and philosophizing? Understanding tact...Read More

Taking advantage of throw-ins

Exploring tactical possibilities of the throw-in, and how to practice them.  Every throw-in starts a new attack. But most teams, even the top ones, don't meet those high standards. Lots o...Read More