8-week long summer manual

All exercises/routines/sessions are explained in detail in the Training Program. You will receive a day by day schedule leaving no doubts you will be in peak condition for your upcoming season (high...Read More

Training all three Energy Systems

When training a soccer player the question 'What does the game demand?' comes to mind. The answer: energy systems, speed, strength, power and stamina. In order to develop a training curricul...Read More

End of a long season!

It has been a long year: An exhausting season left its mark, your players are running out of steam and morale is low. No matter how careful you are not to overwork them in training, some of the play...Read More

Interval Shuttle Run Test (ISRT)

The ISRT is aimed at measuring the a-cyclical aerobe endurance, which general would be described as "the capacity to run for a longer period of time with a greatly varying tempo". The most important...Read More

Book Recommendation

Case Studies in Sport Psychology (by Bob Rotella) is applying the newest strategy for teaching sport psychology by one of the nation's preeminent sport psychologist, Case Studies in Sport P...Read More