Training five- to six-year olds

Part 4 by Richard Moller (UEFA A-License Holder)

Sample Drill

1. Using cones, mark out a 15 x 15-yard “ocean” (field).
2. Assign eight to 12 children to each field, divided into two teams, dolphins and penguins.
3. Put out a box of vests.

1. Dolphins and penguins move about freely in the ocean.
2. The four shores (sides of the field) have names (numbers, cities, countries, continents).
3. When the coach calls out a name, the kids run as fast as they can to that shore.
4. The team of the last player out of the ocean loses.
5. Competitions: The winning team gets to put a vest in its “sand castle”. Which team can collect three vests first?

1. Players “swim” at different speeds.
2. Players move in different ways: hopping, walking, running, crawling, etc.
3. Players do gymnastics in the ocean.
4. Set up a “cone jungle” in the field. New story: Lions and tigers in the jungle run away from the hunters.