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Better running for better soccer! (Part D)

Speed Training Exercises

Please click here for Part A, B, C, E

1. Game Setup

  • 4-6 poles/cones in a row.
  • Goal line 5 to 10 yards past the last pole.

Basic Sequence

Players run through the poles with fast knee lifts, sprint to the goal line, then do a quick cool-down run.


  • Regular knee lifts through the poles.
  • Sideways running through the poles.

3. Game Setup

  • Two cones stand in a row, close together.
  • A goal line is 10 yards away.

Basic Sequence

Players run a figure eight around the two cones, then sprint to the goal line.


  • Players alternate between forwards and backwards figure eights.

Running/Technique Exercises and Running/Shooting Exercises coming in the next issue.