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Keep the pressure on!

Exercise 3

Please click here to read the article, Drills 1 and 2

1 v. 1 v. 1 on two goals, neutral zone

2. Game Setup

  • Set up two goals with goalkeepers, about 30 yards apart.
  • The field is about 40 yards wide and divided lengthwise into three 10-yard-long zones.
  • Players divide into two teams; each team lines up by its goal.

Basic Sequence

1 v. 1 between Team A and B. After the attacker shoots or loses the ball, he stays in his attack zone and defends against a new opponent from the other team. This new attacker receives the ball within the attack zone from his goalkeeper and must try to dribble past the defender into the neutral center zone. If he succeeds, the first defender leaves the field and a new defender enters in front of the other goal. The attacker must then beat thew new defender in a 1 v. 1 in order to score.

Focus On

  • Quick transition from attack to defense
  • Attacking and containing the player with the ball
  • Quick action/reaction 


  • Stop to correct tactics/techniques as necessary.
  • Because of the high intensity, the players will need plenty of breaks.
  • Keep plenty of extra balls near both goals.

Exercise 4 

5 v. 3 + 3 on one goal with goalkeeper

4. Game Setup

  • Same as exercise 3, except the field is made shorter and wider, to more closely simulate the opposition's defense zone.

Basic Sequence

Same as exercise 3: Team B tries to keep to keep possession of the ball, while Team A plays aggressive 1 v. 1 in order to win the ball and score.

Concepts for Team B

  • Maintain control of the ball by dribbling confidently, make short passes and shift the area of play with long passes to the wall players.
  • The goalkeeper should get involved as the situation requires.

Exercise 5

5 v. 5 + 2 on two goals

5. Game Setup

  • Same field as exercise 4, but with a second goal (with goalkeeper) set up on the opposite endline. 
  • The coach divides the players into two teams of five, plus two wall players on the sidelines.

Basic Sequence

Whichever team has the ball may use the wall players, who may shoot directly at the goal or shift the area of play with long passes. The point is to use the wall players to "open" the game when the player with the ball is in a tight spot.

Focus On

  • Keep the opposition under pressure
  • Move quickly with the ball from side to side to prevent long passes .
  • Aggressive 1 v. 1s